Best Sprint Workouts to Burn Calories and Increase Your Speed and Fitness

Improve your training efficiency to burn calories with Sprint Workouts

Improve your training efficiency to burn calories with Sprint Workouts. Are you surprised if you know that most long distance runners do not do so-called ” speed practice “? However, that does not mean that you will not perform tempo runs , fart lek training, or interval training on tracks. It means that you do not practice speed very commonly among sprinters.

Speed ​​practice is designed to increase acceleration , maximum speed and speed endurance . To understand what this is, let’s review the definitions of terms first.

Acceleration: A term that describes how fast you can reach from stationary to maximum speed. In other words, how fast you can reach from standing to top speed. Acceleration is a good measure of power.

Maximum Speed: The fastest speed you can run (top speed). Sprint with 100% power and when you reach top speed it will be your top speed.

Speed ​​Endurance: A term that describes how far the maximum speed can be kept before slowing down. Most runners can only maintain a top speed of about 40 meters (this is normal!).

Many long distance runners don’t emphasize these speed factors, but there are many benefits that can be obtained with just a few speed exercises.

Why Sprint workouts?

There are three reasons why runners should add speed practice to their training.

The first thing is to improve the maximum speed . The higher the maximum speed, the wider the range of speeds that can be run. The wider the speed, the easier it is to feel in slow paced races. It also improves performance at medium distances such as 800m, 1 mile and 3000m.

Second, when sprinting at top speed , more muscle fibers will be mobilized to increase the output of the leg muscles . The more muscle fibers you can use, the faster the sprint will be at the end of the race.

Finally, speed practice improves efficiency (sometimes called “running economy”). The newly available muscle fibers will help you when you’re tired from training, hill runs, and long runs.

In addition, running at maximum speed corrects the running foam, which further improves the running economy. You will be able to run faster with less effort.

How to incorporate sprints workouts into training

Speed ​​practice is very hard. That’s because not only because you have a long run at high speed, but also because you have advanced neuromuscular training . In other words, it places a burden on the central nervous system . This is called Spirint workouts.

Such training stresses the communication pathways between the brain and muscles. So we need to reduce the overall momentum while taking longer intervals for recovery.

It’s a very difficult exercise, so be sure to work when your body is still fresh, such as at the beginning of training.

The following is a sample of speed practice. The lower you go, the harder it will be.

  • Four hill sprints for 8 seconds. Between each sprint sandwich 60-90 seconds walking for recovery.
  • 4 steps of hillsprint of 20m, 90 seconds-2 minutes of walking on interval.
  • Six 25 m hill sprints, and 2 to 2 and a half minutes of walking on the interval.
  • Six 30-m hillsprints, and two to two and a half minutes of walking on the interval.

Remember that sprints are sufficient in a small number of times . It is not necessary to run a large number at maximum speed. If you make it worse, you may be injured . If you have concerns, reduce the number of sprints and increase the interval . Let’s be careful here not to break the body!

You can gain the power , efficiency , and speed of a sprinter just by performing these speed exercises once a week . It’s not the main training, but it’s great as a secondary training that will broaden the speed.

If you practice the speed once a week and you go for a month, you should be able to feel more speed and power than before. And when you notice, you will be able to run faster in long distance races!

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