The reason why you drink "coffee" and you also get "comfort"

The reason why you drink “coffee” and you also get “comfort”

The reason why you drink "coffee" and you also get "comfort"

The reason why you drink “coffee” and you also get “comfort” If you drink a cup of coffee in the morning, you will wake up quickly and switch on to start the day, and at the same time it will be refreshing in the toilet …. 

 So what factor is it considered that drinking coffee and convulsions are all about? 

 Among them, there are relatively many people who think “caffeine is the cause”, but according to the results of preliminary research using rats, it seems that this is not always the case.

 The technology information site “Gizmodo” has shown that the stools of mice that drank both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee have fewer bacteria than stools of mice that did not drink either coffee. This indicates that some of the ingredients contained in coffee may be killing enteric bacteria that affect defecation. 

 In other words, it can be said from this result … “Coffee has an effect of promoting the exercise of the intestine. But there is no relation with caffeine. The same effect was seen with decaffeinated coffee “It’s irrelevant to caffeine,” said Suan Chensee of the University of Texas at Galveston , who participated in the study . He is an associate professor of internal medicine at the university’s medical department. Although the research results have not been officially announced yet, they were presented at the ” Digestive Disease Week ” research conference held in the United States this May . 

 However, this study was not conducted for humans. And, of course, more extensive and detailed research will need to be done to determine whether coffee affects the health of the digestive tract. 

 Other studies have also suggested that caffeine may not be the only cause of the bowel movement effect of coffee. However, “It is already scientifically clear that coffee has the ability to cause contraction of the intestine and promote defecation,” said the medical director of the Center for Gastroenterology and Health at the Georgia Regents University. Dr. Satish Rao says.

 Twenty years ago, Dr. Lao and his research team did some research. The probe was inserted into the anus with a sensor to measure the pressure in various parts of the colon and rectum. This was done by inviting 12 subjects who were not lucky.

 During the 10-hour measurement period, all subjects drank uniformly the same amount of caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee, and hot water, and ate 1000 kcal burger. 

 Of these foods and drinks, it was the hamburger that activated the contraction of the intestines the most. However, even with caffeinated Java coffee, a contraction similar to that was observed, and its activity was 60 percent stronger than hot water and 23 percent more intense than decaffeinated coffee. This surprised researchers. 

 The Research find out that “Caffeine, which also known as a stimulant, does play a specific role in activating colonic movements, but caffeine is not the only cause.” about. “The ingredients that are congenial are contained in the coffee itself,” says Dr. Lao. 

 Experts advocate the following theory. 

 ”If you take coffee, it will reach the stomach in just a few minutes, and some of the many ingredients in the coffee help the hormones such as motilin, which stimulates the contraction of the intestine, and gastrin, which stimulates the secretion of gastric acid, As a result, it becomes the theory that “you will be able to feel comfortable”. 

 On the other hand, scientists say that all the habitual activities that take place in the morning may be convincing together. 

 ”Because of the biological rhythms inherent in humans, the intestines work more actively in the morning than at other times,” Dr. Lao explains. By adding breakfast and coffee to it, the contraction of the intestines gets activated … As a result, we speculate that it will be convenient.

It is better to avoid drinking coffee for two hours after getting up”. Then, the movement of the intestines that finished the big work in the morning will calm down. 

 Furthermore, at the beginning of the day, “When you drink your first coffee, you should not eat or exercise at the same time.” If you do not do that, it means that you are likely to suffer from strong conviction.

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